Musical Chairs

This week I’ve taken up residence in 66 North Street, the Research Centre for the School of English. Bronnie had recently left Room 6 in favor of an office, so Katherine took Bronnie’s old desk. Therefore, I took Katherine’s desk. Then Jesse moved into an office on Tuesday, so I moved to his desk by the window. Yesterday, Katherine also moved to an office, vacating Bronnie’s old desk. Today I stood in the middle of a six-desk room that I now have all to myself and wondered if I should move to the other desk by the window. After discussing the merits of his old desk with Jesse, I have decided that the desk I have now is superior. It gets more natural light and my feet can touch the floor when I sit in the chair. I have also put my latent DATA skillz to work and cured the door from slamming with the aid of some tape and two eraser ends.


Jesse left the sword behind in honor of my time period. I added the maps, thanks to Kelly. Today I discovered that my collection of movie soundtracks only lasts about 4 days. But fear not, I have an extensive classical selection that holds untapped potential. However, in my non-work hours I’ve been listening exclusively to jazz and classical piano because June is my month to work on “Masterpiece”. Part II is going to be quite a challenge, but it will be good. If I am successful then I will be happily stunned, and I will have chosen an apt title indeed.

The rest of my week deals with reading medieval approaches to the seven deadly sins and penitence, so, you really don’t want me to go on about it. That’s what the dissertation is for.

2 thoughts on “Musical Chairs

  1. Kelly says:

    Yay! A picture. And I can’t wait to read both your dissertation and your short story, each of which will be a ‘master piece’ in some sense.


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