It has been quite a birthday weekend! Morley’s birthday is on the 30th, so there was a small party for him on Friday (yes, the 29th). Then the weather kept up for a beautiful day yesterday, so I went out for a nice lunch and ice cream from Janetta’s, where I began reading Finding Nouf by Zoë Ferrraris, and then went to the Cathedral to read some more before coming back to watch Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. I had watched TOS: “Space Seed” on Friday, and it seemed logical to follow it up with Kirk’s next encounter with Khan Noonian Singh. I had forgotten that the movie opens with Kirk’s birthday, so I was pleased at the coincidence, even if the ending made me sad because I love Spock. (And because Scotty played the bagpipes. I do live in Scotland, you know.) I intend to watch Star Trek: The Search for Spock tonight to rest assured in Spock’s return.

Today is Pentecost, as well, which in church this morning was called the church’s birthday. There was a short skit for the children’s sermon, during which the rector, wearing the Amazing Holy Spirit Hat, brought forth a cake. The cake had magic candles that were supposed to signify how the Holy Spirit is always with us. But when he brought it out, the woman leading the skit announced, “Not only did the Holy Spirit bring fire, he brought cake!”

And, of course, today is my birthday! I went on a picnic with the lovely Sharpes after church, and we also had cake, and it was wonderful and nice and I was very happy indeed. Morley was very excited about another birthday. 🙂 The weather is still gorgeous, so I sat beneath a tree in front of Sallies Hall and read some more before talking with Sarah on Skype. My family is still in church now so I’ll talk with them later this evening. Overall it’s been a very good day. Thank you, everyone, who has helped make it so!

Yes, today I am twenty-four (24). I commented to Kelly earlier this month that 24 is such a divisible number. I tend to prefer prime numbers, and have thus been very happy being 23. But 24, it’s so even. Divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24. A very stable number, a common number. 24 hours in the day, 24 elders around the throne, 24 books of the Iliad. Even the combination of 2 and 4 is stable: the smallest even unit 2 goes into the next even unit 4 two times. It is progressive, going from the smaller 2 to the greater 4. A very symmetrical number. The next few numbers are stable as well: 25, 26. I’ll be 27 when I finish my PhD, so I guess that it is fitting that my transition years are prime numbers. It is a good omen that the next few years, which I will hopefully be spending in the same place working on the same project(s), will be stable numbers. I think I can handle being 24. It’s more of an abstract idea anyway; I tend to not think of ages. I am frequently mistaken for an undergraduate, yet most of my friends here are a few years older than me. I’m somewhere in the middle. I am myself.

Me and myself are going to eat some cake and watch more Star Trek. Because that’s totally what twenty-four year old’s do.