Happy May Day!

I am proud to say that I got nine (9) uninterrupted hours of sleep last night and was not among the temporarily insane who participated in the May Dip—that is to say, I did not take part in the tradition of running into the North Sea at dawn on the first of May. It seems something that you would have to be rather drunk to do (most people were, from accounts I’ve heard), and as I cannot imbibe alcohol, it seems like a very silly thing for one to do.

Regardless, I have felt more human today than yesterday. And it is May. How is it already May? But, I have always liked the month of May. It begins with May Day: fairies and flowers and spring and growing things—there is a May Fair tomorrow that I intend to go to—and then half way through May, school finishes, bringing some semblance of freedom; and at the end of May, of course, is my birthday (for your convenience I have helpfully provided my Amazon Wishlists on the left beneath ‘Etc.’). 😉

I had a very nice study break by Skyping with Kelly tonight. I am sure that even if we did not have Skype we would manage to stay in touch, keeping correspondence and asking about each other’s painted screens. Whatever that means. Anyhow, she showed me this very funny video, which I in turn show to you:

2 thoughts on “May!

  1. Kelly says:

    I like May too. May Day is usually the birthday of my NaNoWriMo characters, though I don’t think that fact ever made it into a book. Maybe next time…


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