‘I heard a voice’

I’m trying to shake off this awful lingering sinusitis—I think I’ve had it for a month now—so I’m running behind on about everything. An NHS nurse gave me more antibiotics at double the strength and I’ve been drinking copious amounts of tea and water, but this doesn’t mean I still don’t want to gouge out the front half of my face. Nor are my hands happy that I’ve been off Humira for about a month, too. Ugh.

I meant to post yesterday that the Renaissance Group sang for a commemoration service at Sallies Chapel, and it was a much Bigger Deal than I thought it would be. The Medical School has an annual service to commemorate the people who have donated their bodies for medical teaching and research. The faculty and students, and the families and friends of the people who have donated their bodies, as well as some of the hierarchy of the University, all came to the service. Even Her Majesty’s Inspector of Anatomy for Scotland was there and read one of the lessons. I liked that the service was tailored in a way to remind the students that the bodies they were working on once belonged to real, living people like themselves. The anthem that we sang was from Revelation 14:13, ‘I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me: “Write; from henceforth blessed are the dead which die in the Lord: ev’n so saith the Spirit; for they rest from their labours.”‘

We sat up in the loft with the organ to sing, and I had a good view of all the stained glass in the chapel. I realized that I couldn’t think of any stained glass figures that ever smiled. I’m sure it’s a remnant of centuries of intense sobriety in Christian tradition, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to find that Jesus was laughing during the Resurrection and Ascension. Victory is definitely a valid cause for celebration.

Okay, back to work. As what usually happens, the day before I plan to start writing I find half a dozen more sources to go through, so I probably won’t get to writing until tomorrow. As long as this first essay is done by Sunday evening!

EDIT: Under Felicity’s advice I emailed my professors to let them know that I’m ill, and have been ill, and thus am behind schedule; and that I am also registered with the Disability Services, blah blah blah, hoping that they will take pity upon me if I am unable to meet both essays’ 11 May deadline. Which I would otherwise half-kill myself in order to meet.  And, it is always a blow to my pride to admit weakness—well, to my professors in particular.