For Kali

I’m contemplating moving my day off to Thursdays, because more often than not I collapse after class despite my efforts. Perhaps have Thursday off and still sleep in on Fridays, but then get to work once I’m awake. Will try it tomorrow and see.

Everything’s about wrapped up with the PhD application: just have to tie off the loose ends in a nice little bow and snip off the excess string and turn it in along with the MLitt title. I stayed after class this morning to talk with Rhiannon about various essays and PhD stuff and it seems I’m more organized than I thought. Now that I’ve more or less dropped Latin—reluctantly yet with relief—I really only have two classes to worry about, and ultimately two essays due in about 4 weeks that I now have time to research for. Luckily, too, they will share a pool of critical reading so hopefully that’ll make things easier. I also looked at a place to live yesterday, for next year, and will have to make a decision on it over the weekend.

As I vacillate between whether to valiantly press on with Walsingham’s Chronica Maiora, or to just pick a passage and forsake the rest, I leave you with this illuminating comic: