Passion Drama

img_7981St Monans Kirk had been performing a Medieval Mystery play at each of their services during Holy Week, and tonight was performing them again all together. I’ve been reading plays all week for my PhD proposal, so I was really excited to see them performed. I met up with Katherine in Anstruther for dinner, and then we went on to St Monans.

img_7990I am incredibly glad that I went to see the plays performed. They performed the Passion plays of the Wakefield Cycle and they maintained the Middle English for the most part, only modernising the pronunciation. I read Middle English all the time and you can imagine my enjoyment at having the opportunity to hear it performed. What took my breath away was the two times music interrupted the play: first when Jesus dies, the tableau freezes and off stage a woman sang in Latin (and the acoustics, from personal experience, are amazing in St Monans); and second, when the guards fall asleep at the tomb, Jesus awakes and folds his burial clothes. Overall it was really well done and served to reinforce my decision to study Medieval Mystery plays.

2 thoughts on “Passion Drama

  1. Sarah says:

    That is a lovely picture of the church and I think it is so incredible that you actually got to see those plays performed! Hurrah for studying in Scotland 🙂


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