On this night

img_7928Last year I hosted my first Passover, and when I realized at the beginning of Lent that this year Passover would coincide with Holy Week, I asked if Jesse & Casey wouldn’t mind co-hosting a Seder meal. Katherine, Felicity, and Ginger joined us and I had the pleasure of introducing them to the Seder. Again, it wasn’t Kosher: I figure I’m working toward a Kosher meal as I learn more each year. This year, in my inability to find a bone, I learned that roasted beet was a valid substitute. I also found a website where you can search whether a brand or product is kosher, and that was how I found a substitute for matzot bread.

Last year, I was the oldest female, so I played the Mother role. This year, I was the youngest, and was the child. I actually quite enjoyed it, even if Jesse is taller than me and hid the Afikomen too high for me to see at first. 😉


Some questions have cropped up in the process of preparing for and celebrating Passover: the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday is supposed to have been a Seder meal. Knowing that Jesus was the rabbi, and that he took the bread and wine at the end of the meal, we can presume that he was the Leader of the ceremony. But the ceremony also has parts for women and children: so who played the Mother role? Who was the child? And even though we opened the door for Elijah tonight, did Jesus do so at his last Passover, knowing that Elijah had already come? These questions aren’t answerable, but are interesting to think on.

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