On the bus this morning, a guy got on at San Mateo and sat in the seat across from me. His iPod was loud enough that I could hear that he was listening to Five for Fighting. I was looking through my notes for “Masterpiece,” and as much as I like Five for Fighting, the music doesn’t quite fit the story. So I ended up listening to “America Town” until I got to campus. He got off, too, but went toward the Student Center.

Anyways, I’m in the library now, going over “Masterpiece” until class starts. I’ve finally caught up with my work from going to the conference last weekend, and finished Bede, so I’m rewarding myself with “Masterpiece.” I’m still not sure about Part II. Hm. I can’t stop looking out the window because it’s raining—amazingly. I get used to seeing clouds over the mountains but it usually doesn’t mean anything for us in the valley. My knees are hurting but still, rain. All the buildings are dark brown, orange, and red, and the dust has been washed out of the air. I should have brought a scarf and, er, an umbrella. I don’t think the others are going to have lunch by the duck pond after all. But it’s a Wednesday, so I wouldn’t be having lunch with them anyway because I have class. I’m going to have tea with Sarah at Starbucks later after her office hours instead. Maybe I can talk her and David into eating at Taco Cabana before church tonight. Mm, fajitas…

Oh, and I need to finish my TA application… I’m excited that Sarah and Steph are going to be the mentors next year (unofficially, but who could be better?). They should help me feel less terrified at teaching a class I never took in the first place.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to see Google’s April Fools’ joke, check out CADIE. She’s wonderful. Apparently her programmers forgot to include the Three Laws of Robotics, which may become a problem. And don’t forget to look at GMail’s Autopilot feature, created by CADIE. Wikipedia’s Front Page for today is also amusing. This summer when I go up to visit Laura, we should go by the Museum of Bad Art just for giggles.

Oh, today’s quote of the day comes in regard to an April Fool Laura showed me about The Guardian switching over to Twitter, to which I replied: “I think a lot of history can be summed up in ‘OMG WTF?!'”

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