At Random

The roasted potato recipe that I made last year for Passover was one of the best discoveries I’ve made. I’ve tweaked it a little bit, but basically, you halve new potatoes, roll them around in olive oil and garlic salt, and pop them in the oven for 20-30 minutes. Basically any meal including roasted potatoes will make me happy. I’m really enjoying my dinner right now: rosemary chicken, broccoli, and a double helping of roasted potatoes, mm…

beginning_placeI read The Beginning Place by Ursula K. Le Guin on Thursday. I have read nine novels and two short story anthologies by Le Guin so far, and The Beginning Place is the first that I can say I disliked overall. There is usually something I can complain about in her shorter novels (the main complaint being that she could have developed the cultures further, instead of just using them as a backdrop), but usually I can point to a sentence that is just absolutely perfect, that resonates, an image of beauty, that would redeem the work. Not so with The Beginning Place. The premise was really promising, but I recommend it only to avid Le Guin fans. The only thing that did not disappoint me was that it followed her pattern of the public, then solitary journey. Perhaps I will appreciate it better after a reread in the somewhat-distant future. I am currently working my way through another anthology of hers, The Compass Rose: Stories, in which her genius continues to astound me.

Otherwise, the first few days of Spring Break have been spent sleeping. The quasi-cold/sinusitis monster is gradually subsiding after three nights of 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In my waking hours I have cleaned, organized, resumed work on Bede (I have an outline! Some sense of direction! And am nearly half-done with the chapter already), and have been watching the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. The second movie was better than I remembered it being, especially since this time I know there’s a 3rd movie. I haven’t seen the third one yet, and so I’m going to do that tonight.

We in the UK have finally sprung forward into British Summer Time. Whereas a few months ago I was complaining that the sun was rising at 9 AM, now I’m going to complain that it doesn’t set until nearly 8 PM. I’m already having to readjust my mental “dinnertime” paradigm to include daylight hours.

5 thoughts on “At Random

  1. Chera says:

    “Lavinia,” too?? I suppose Le Guin is, somewhat, nearing the end of her writing career, sad as it may be. She was just so amazing with the Ekumen cycle and Earthsea. You need to write your dissertation on her soon, while you can still interview her.


  2. Felicity says:

    Boy does that dinner sound familiar. You can’t mess with something you love though! Easy and Great tasting. What could be better?


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