Resting & Feasting

kingofattoliaaug05After class on Thursday, I realized that I only have two classes meeting this week. I decided to start my sabbath early and spent the rest of the day reading King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. I hadn’t laughed quite so well in a long time. It is perhaps one of the most excellent of books, but first you must read The Thief and Queen of Attolia. I’ve decided that it is probably for the betterment of my mental health to take a dose of Eugenides every couple months or so. As I said to Felicity, words cannot express my love for Eugenides.

UpattheVillaI began working on my PhD application on Friday. I also attended a couple sessions of FlyCon 2009, the first online Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror convention. Last summer, I remember commenting on Sherwood Smith‘s blog about planning an online convention, and here it is. I didn’t realize how many authors, publishers, and agents would be taking part. The sessions are held in forums, which can be a bit overwhelming to follow so many threads at once. Archives of sessions will be available, and may be easier to read. I also read Up at the Villa by W. Somerset Maugham. It isn’t as wide or as deep or as reaching as The Painted Veil (it’s also significantly shorter), but it did affirm that I would like to read more by “one of the most underrated writers of the last century” (Herald).

I spent most of Saturday sleeping. I’m trying not to get another sinus infection. Bleh. I am, however, feeling better today. Felicity and I went to have dinner with Jesse & Casey, and I finally taught them Squabble. The dispersion of the game continues…

Today is Sunday, which is a feast day, and Jesse made the point of making feast days truly celebratory. I rediscovered Supertones while I cooked a large brunch and might go out for ice cream later. 🙂 For now, however, it’s back to the spirit of industry.

Oh yes; also on this Ides of March is my brother’s birthday. Happy birthday, David!

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