Swing on a Star

I walked to church this morning in the rain and the snow. Afterward, it was sunny and bright. 😛 Then I ran into CGW1 in Tesco and he congratulated me on my N&H essay. He reminds me of a Scottish Dr Sanders and I’m glad he’s one of my professors.

I tithed my pound coins this morning and afterward realized that I then didn’t have any laundry money. “You did not think this through!” exclaims the Cetian from The Word for World is Forest—which I still think he was also saying to Le Guin for her choice of that title.

It only took a week to finish Froissart’s Chronicles, but it felt like forever. I now know much more about the personages of the 14th century English and French courts than I thought I could. And according to Froissart’s depiction of Richard II, I wonder how it was that I felt sorry for him in Shakespeare’s Richard II. I was amused to find out more about Peter the Cruel, whom I first encountered in the DNB‘s entry on Chaucer regarding the latter’s covert intelligence activities2. (Also: Chaucer wrote a poem on the death of the Duke of Lancaster’s first wife; Lancaster’s second wife was Peter’s daughter; and his third wife3 was Chaucer’s sister-in-law. It was quite a scandal!)

Anyways, I’m listening to Nat King Cole and the Andrews Sisters while eating a very yummy dinner, and then the rest of the evening will be spent memorizing Old English vocabulary…


1 Professors with mouth-full-of-a-name’s often are referred to by their initials.
2 Just one of the many reasons why Geoffrey Chaucer is awesome.
3 Reminds you of a certain queen we know, neh?

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