Wind; Waves

The past few days the townspeople have all been talking about the SIBERIAN SNOW FRONT that was going to slam into Scotland today. Well, it did. I woke up with the notion of chopping off my hands and agreed with‘s assessment that today’s Aches & Pains index was “high.” I then called the porter to remind him that I had a medical delivery coming in today. He brought the medicine to my room and I was pleased to find that they had sent the pressure pens this time instead of the syringes. And since I still felt dizzy, I called the NHS to schedule an appointment and they were able to see me this afternoon. So I put on my trench coat and tramped through the wind, rain, snow, hail to have my suspicions confirmed that yes, I do have a sinus infection. I’ve come back, filled myself with chemicals, and am going to cosy up with some tea and the Buke of Knychthede and hopefully feel better. The nurse practioner reminded me to make an appointment to get my bloods checked, which amused me because I was wondering this morning how long it’d take for them to remember my name. Not very long, apparently.

I took a picture of the sea when I went to pick up some papers from the English office:


Regarding my essays: I did well. Not as well as I’d like, of course, when one’s standard is perfection and when one is still unused to the 20-point scale of grading. I made Distinction on the essay that counts (the field I want to do my dissertation in) and Passing on the other two. By looking at the chart, I’m guessing that’s the equivalent of an A and two B’s, but I’m not sure. I hate reading the comments so I’m going to put those off until I’m actually able to focus on something.

Maybe reading in Old Scots isn’t a good idea considering my current mental state. I think I’ll just stare at the ceiling until I can think of something to do.

2 thoughts on “Wind; Waves

  1. Sarah says:

    First of all: Amazing photograph…looks COLLLLDDD

    Second of all: Good job on your essays. Also, I waited almost a week to read comments on mine last semester.

    Third of all: HEAL!!



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