Teacups & Geese

As I walked up to church this morning, the rector greeted me and asked if I was from St L’s. My puzzled expression caused him to amend, asking, “Oh, are you in university?” I nodded, and decided to not embarrass him further by pointing out I was a postgraduate. A group from St L’s was putting on a drama for Candlemas (the day Jesus was presented to the temple, found in Luke 2), so the confusion was justified. I still find it mildly amusing that I look like I belong in high school. As if I didn’t already feel too young to be in grad school, right?

During the service today I realized that FBCSA will probably always be my home church. I haven’t been able to connect to a church since I moved from San Antonio (the first time), and although I’ve become too liturgical to really fit in FBCSA anymore, I grew up there: the people there already know me. I miss Pastor Don and Stephen C. and the community I was once a member of. With every church I’ve been to since, I’ve had to start over. Again and again I’ve experienced the bad combination of a friendly yet sufficient congregation and a shy visitor. I could probably write a guide book for churches on how to be more effective in reaching out to newcomers. But, I’m going to keep giving this church a chance. It isn’t quite Emmanuel Episcopal—ironically enough, I think Emmanuel was more high church than this one is! And Emmanuel had a younger congregation, too—but it is familiar. And maybe after a few more Sundays, the rector will know I’m a master’s student and not a high schooler.

My second niece turns FIVE today! Happy Birthday, Sarah!

And, for your amusement, an excerpt from the latest chapter of Bede:

…..Nafis stopped when he saw the corners of her lips twitch in what he now recognized as a smirk. He became incredulous. “He had me juggling teacups!” Nafis exclaimed. “Teacups! With tea in them!”
….“Some people juggle geese,” Sofia replied with a straight face.
…..Nafis stared at her, speechless. She had heard of the strange customs of the tribal people south of Arkadia, and wondered if he had. “Little goslings in the air,” she continued blithely.

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