Book reading

Katherine mentioned keeping track of how many books she reads each year and that got me curious as to how many books I read in 2008. I had faithfully updated the “Books” application on Facebook as I read, but because isn’t working, I had to compile a list from memory (!). Including the books I read from cover to cover for school, I read 43 books and 14 Shakespeare plays in 2008, to a grand total of 57. I didn’t realize I had read so many! To my amazement, 12 of those I read while back in school. And that’s not including the four books I started but didn’t finish, either.

Now I feel better about myself… I didn’t think I had read much last year. I know, I know: Crazy. Of course, now I want to read more this year! I’ve already read 5 books, so I’m off to a good start.

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