It digs holes for posts

“Kinda spooky, ain’t it? Hell of a lot of coincidences. Like we say back home, when you find a turtle settin’ on top of a fencepost, you can be pretty damn sure he didn’t get there on his own.”

–D.W. in The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell (p. 121-2).

Today I went in to talk with Ian about possible dissertation topics for my MLitt. As we talked about my various angles of interest that brought me to medieval religious literature, we determined that my main interest is the exchange between the institution of religion and those participating in that religion, how they mutually influence each other, with particular interest on lay folk and medieval drama. In the back of my mind I was observing how much of a New Historicist I am, how minoring in anthropology and being a writer influenced me to be interested in culture and society as wholes, when Ian said, “If this is what you’re really interested in— This is the cutting edge of the field! There’s a lot of work to be done in this.”

I walked out of the meeting thinking I just saw a turtle on a fencepost; one of many that I’ve seen on the journey that has brought me to Scotland and has kept me in Academia. It makes me wonder, and my curiosity leads me on…

I also walked out of the meeting with a substantial reading list, and have now got quite a bit of work to do. May the journey continue.

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