Sleepy sleepy

I’m glad I have two weeks to build up momentum before term starts again! I’ve been taking baby steps, trying to figure out what I do really have to do. Not that much, it seems. The biggest things are two Latin translations and an Old English translation. I read through my Latin notes today and was going to do one of the hymns today*… but then I took a study break to watch a bit more of a PBS Frontline special on Jesus and promptly fell asleep. Maybe because it’s been gray and raining all day. Maybe because everything the show said I learned in my New Testament class. Maybe their voices and background singers were just too soothing. Maybe I was just sleepy.

But, I hope I can stay awake! Felicity, Ginger, and I are walking out to DRA tonight to have pizza and a movie with Katherine. (DRA has a movie room with a projector and everything!) And, we’re going to start Lord of the Rings, so, must stay awake…

* The hymn, of interest to those who have read The Sparrow, is “Ave Maris Stella.”

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