A slow start

I slept for 13 hours last night. My frontal lobe still feels a little tight but otherwise feeling once more like a functional human being. My dear Lolita arrived Thursday evening, and she with patience dealt with me staying up until the wee hours to finish my essay, waking up equally early to put on the finishing touches, print, and get over to the English building before noon. Jesse, Bronnie, and Scott were in Sandra’s office when we arrived, so we went with them to celebrate being done with a fudge doughnut. I’m glad Laura got to meet them, though I in my sleep-deprived state was a poor conversation partner. As we were leaving, Scott said something that I suspect was a continuation of the usual banter, but nothing registered. I only looked at him, and turned away. I’m sure they were much amused.

We walked around town, mostly along the sea, skipping rocks and providing commentary for a very energetic dog, until exhaustion beckoned my back to Gannochy. I napped, and after dinner and a movie, went to bed at 8:30 PM. And woke up 13 hours later. So, it’s a slow start for today too, but there’s more of town to see, and a possible trip to Anstruthers later. I like that Laura and I are both reading books by Le Guin. She’s reading The Left Hand of Darkness, which is a good introduction to the Ekumen cycle.

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