Can’t believe it

It’s almost 4:00 PM and it’s still light outside! Yes!

My room looks like someone shut all the doors and windows, shook it, and turned it upside down, as a result of faulty dryers and far too many books. I’m hoping to have both dry clothes and a mostly-done essay by the time I want to reclaim my bed. 🙂

ukqoa Edit: I also got my second copy of Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner today! I know this makes me a nerd, but I loved the UK cover and it’s out of print. I got it for 1 pence from, plus shipping, altogether less than US$4. It’s pretty and I want to read it now! There is also another cover for Queen, but I haven’t decided whether I really need three copies of the same book. (There are actually 4 covers, but I don’t like the 4th one. Strangely, the first and third books of the series don’t have as many options.)

I’d say I’ll read it next, but I started The Farthest Shore* by none other than the amazing Ursula K. Le Guin a few days ago. I have the bad habit with the Earthsea books of reading the first chapter and then getting too busy to continue them. It taunts me from my headboard, especially since the first chapter was so beautiful and lyric that I already know I’ll reread this book over and over.

I wish my New Year’s resolutions included reading all of Le Guin’s books by the end of 2009, but I’m too poor and there are too many books out of print to make that possible. Maybe all of the Earthsea and Ekumen books. That’s a good start, neh?

* The current cover is unlovely. I much prefer my copies from the ’80s.

** BTW: If anyone can find the 1990 edition of Tehanu, I will love you forever. Too bad the 1st Edition cover isn’t paperback. 😦

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