Strange Bedfellows

Poor Gawain—the guy just wanted to sleep, and Bertilak’s wife kept crawling into bed with him. Talk about awkward.

If Jesse, Bronnie, and whoever else was up in 666 today saw me walking back from the library with my tote bag overflowing, they would know that I’m once again in hermit mode:


R-L: Books on mythology and monsters; historical background; secondary sources on SGGK; sources on Beowulf; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight & Beowulf; Felicity’s books that I need to return to her. And the lonesome book above is “Love and Marriage in the Time of Chaucer,” which I need to add to my Annotated Bibliography.

I’m so tired, and I want permission to sleep for three days like Gawain had (without the interruptions), but the essay is due Friday, and Laura comes Thursday, and this is going to be one interesting week getting this done…

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