My first love

While looking up articles on monsters in Beowulf on JSTOR, I saw that there is a journal called Science Fiction Studies. Intrigued, I googled it, and the second result was: MA in Science Fiction Studies at the University of Liverpool. I’m quite sure my heart stopped for a beat or two—I definitely forgot to breathe—and clicked on it.

The Link

It’s another one-year Masters program and it’s basically all of the conversations Kelly and I have had about if we could create the perfect/ideal science fiction program. An entire module on Utopias and Dystopias? Another on speculative fiction, dreams and nightmares, future societies and science, religion? An entire module on Ursula K. Le Guin? I’m on Cloud 9. I don’t remember being as excited for any of the medieval programs I applied for. I love medieval studies, but my first love has always been science fiction. I had no clue there was an actual degree out there for it. I’ve had a dissertation topic on Le Guin in my head for who-knows-how-long, or on Mary Doria Russell… As I said to Kelly: I’m going to apply, just for the hell of it. And if I get in, why not??

Now, I just have to pull my head down from the stars and return to Beowulf. Easier said than done.

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