The Year that Is

I was almost stranded in Edinburgh. I got to the train station just after the last train left, discovered that no trains would be running today, there weren’t any buses either, and how is it that I find myself in these situations more often that anyone else I know? Fortunately this time I had a phone that worked, I stayed another night in the hotel with my parents, saw them off bright and early this morning and took a cab back up to the University. Otherwise I would have sat in a hotel all day reading Beowulf and come back up the 2nd. But I have essays to write, and that would not Do. Now I’ll be reading Beowulf in the comfort of my own room.

Although still in Edinburgh, I saw in the New Year by reading a handbook for Princesses instead of taking part in the massive street party. The chart at the back determined that I am a perfect princess at heart, despite not having a fairy godmother, because I wouldn’t run away screaming from a hairy spider and am willing to do charity work. Armed now not only with a good heart (and long hair), I also know how to behave during fancy dinners, including what to do with a bowl of water with a bit of lemon in it.

Photos from Edinburgh/Glencoe/Loch Ness are forthcoming, as I had to take them on my mom’s camera, because I in my infinite wisdom put my camera away instead of packing it.

I found my resolution for 2008 and once again I fell short. I did not complete Orion:VSI or To Govern the Night, nor did I spend more than one week in South Carolina, and I only took half of a course on Shakespeare. I did, however, get accepted into grad school, and instead of moving to a new state, moved to a new country. So it wasn’t all Fail. In the Year that Was, I lived with two of my best friends; I saw them graduate and one of them get married; I got to go to Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, and South Carolina; I did well at a conference, and continued working on a story I read there; I ended two jobs, started and finished another; I moved to Scotland, made new friends, began learning new things; I was rained on in Rome, and saw out the year sailing through the fog on the black waters of Loch Ness. For the resolutions I made, I failed, but the year itself was Good. Now, what for 2009? My resolutions are (off the top of my head) to complete my Master’s degree, to still be in school come October, to finish “Masterpiece” and Bede, and to eat more. A more reflective post will come later. Hopefully I will have chosen more accomplishable goals for 2009, and if not, have a year still full of Living.

I was little boy lost, and I was little boy blue
I am little Jack Frost but I am warm through and through
It’s not easy to hide when your heart’s on full view
Oh, tonight, cruel world be forgiving
Oh, for once in my life I am living.

–Kate Rusby, “Little Jack Frost”

2 thoughts on “The Year that Is

  1. Sarah says:

    I think 2008 was a Very Full year for you. You are so Brave (probably a prerequisite for being a good princess 😉

    It feels like about time for another visit…last year we actually got to see quite a bit of each other and I’m hungry for tea and biscuits with my best Chera!


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