Health Update

Sandy, the nurse from Humira Homecare, came over today to make sure I knew what I was doing when I took my injection. The hospital sent me pre-filled syringes instead of pens, so it was good to have someone here for my anxiety. She said that they can send me the pens for the next shipment, and she showed me a better way to take them that’s less finicky. It was fine, though as usual I just want to sit still for a moment and have some sweets until my heart is a bit calmer. But, I’m back on my meds after being off them for a month, which is a Good Thing, and hopefully I’ll start getting my energy back sooner rather than later.

Still get headaches—had one the other night that put me out of business for a day and a half. I wish my sinuses weren’t so whacked up, and I’m sure my liver doesn’t like all the meds I have to take. Which, by the way, we’re hoping for optimistic results from my liver function test. *crosses fingers* My ears have stopped bothering me for the most part, too.

I’m not meaning to sound melodramatic. Overall, health is good. This town has the cleanest air I’ve breathed in a long time. The temperature is constant, so although the weather is often damp, my arthritis hasn’t been too bothered. The town is small enough that I haven’t had to over-walk myself to get anywhere. My continual plague is headaches, but I’ve had unexplainable headaches since I was 9, so I doubt those are going away anytime soon. Most of the time I don’t bother mentioning them.

However, for now I’m going to Edinburgh for a couple days. Should be back the 31st (yes, I’m going to miss out on Hogmanay in Edinburgh…just as well). Happy New Year, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Sarah says:

    Ah! Stephanie went to Hogmanay. Her boyfriend is from Edinburgh and she went to visit him…

    I’m glad you had someone to help with the first round of those injections. I really admire you for being able to do those things, I can’t imagine how hard it must be.


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