Actually, Happy Boxing Day! Which means for the second day in a row everything is closed. My parents are taking a walk around the Old Course and the Sands, and I’ve come back up to my dorm to do some work. The past couple days I’ve stayed with my parents in the flat they’re staying in and it’s been really nice to have a home away from home. The flat has definitely convinced me to move out of Gannochy the first chance I get.

We went to Christmas Vigil at Holy Trinity Church on Christmas Eve. Then, because we didn’t photo-20have any stockings, Alex and I left our slippers on the hearth with high hopes. The next morning, our shoes were left outside in the hallway with goodies from Santa. πŸ˜‰ Apparently Santa was honoring our Dutch roots this year. I’m pleased to come away with new fun socks, enough soap to last me another year, a new battery for my camera, and Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Felicity and Ginger came over for Christmas Lunch and we watched It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas. Then we went back to our respective corners: Dad playing Monopoly on his computer or watching the news, Mom reading or dozing, Alex playing video games, and me on my computer writing. The first draft of “Masterpiece” is coming along nicely. I’m not expecting it to be readable until a long, long time from now [‘Beauty is perfection’] so don’t bother asking about it. πŸ™‚

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