Hibernation Day

It never got fully light today. According to the forecast, it’s been in the low-40’s and raining all day, the wind making it closer to freezing. I was going to go to 666 this morning but as I slept through my alarm again, and didn’t crawl out of my bed until 11, I decided that my body had more sense than I did and that I ought to sleep. I’m worn out, and as much I’d like to be diligent and have most of my annotated bibliography done before my parents come, I haven’t the energy to spend on it. Instead, I’ve been having a hibernation day. I cracked the curtains open to let in a bit of the gray daylight and moved my lamp to cast a yellow half-moon onto my nest of blankets and pillows, and have been reading The Black Unicorn by Tanith Lee. I’m waiting for something to happen in it, meaning that it pales in comparison to The Hero and the Crown, but it entertains. I will eventually have to venture out into the cold and wet later to the porter in Sallies, and hopefully not have to wait too long at the door (why Gannochy residents can’t get into the building when we share the same porter is beyond me). Perhaps I’ll be up to some work tomorrow morning, and then reward myself with Christmas cookies and movies at Katherine’s. Even if not, I’m still going to Katherine’s. Cookies, Love Actually, and Chinese take-away are the only reasons I need.

2 thoughts on “Hibernation Day

  1. Sarah says:

    It is okay to take a break. You need it…you’ve been working so hard and your body needs a chance to rest and catch up. So, enjoy that…your work will get done eventually 🙂


  2. Priscilla says:

    Seconding Sarah – based on what I’ve seen/heard from you you’ve been one busy little bee! Enjoy some down time (and those Christmas cookies!) – you totally deserve it! =D

    On a semi-random note, I can *so* relate to gross weather = do not want to go anywhere near the outside….let’s just say that the realization that, from this week to next week, we’ll have had literally 80+ cm of snow fall makes me want to kick it grizzly bear style and hibernate for the next 6 months X__X


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