Standing in circles

Well, I had my last class of the semester this morning, the second seminar of “Eras of Medieval Thought” in “Reading the Medieval Text.” I think I might write my 3,000-word essay on this seminar instead of doing the textual editing exercise. Which sounds more interesting, the development of the hero or the transformation of the court, between Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight? I’m leaning toward the court, because it’ll implicitly provide research for Bede, but the hero might be easier.

Instead of Research Skills today we had the English Christmas Party… and I have to say that OBU’s English parties are better at getting into the spirit of things. I should recommend a book exchange for next year. It’s a larger group though, so it’ll have to take some thought. It was fun, however, despite my momentary dread as I walked up the stairs (large social gatherings, ergh), as we just stood in our cliques drinking wine (or apple juice). Rachel attempted to make us stand in geometric shapes other than a circle, Jesse almost told me off because he didn’t realize I was drinking juice, and then Scott and I determined that they must all get their PhD’s done well before 2050. Fife reportedly will be underwater by that point, and we will be the first to go. So definitely no 40-year theses here.

I was talked into going in to 666* tomorrow to work, so for the rest of today I am going to finish reading The Hero and the Crown and maybe watch a movie…


* The ‘Renaissance Room’ in 66 North Street is in Room 6. Made all the more ironic by Bronnie’s PhD topic: science and magic in Renaissance drama…

One thought on “Standing in circles

  1. Sarah says:

    So, these people sound like a fun bunch 🙂 And I think you have a good plan in getting the thesis done before 2050. I think it is very do-able!

    Write about the court…then you can address whose baby it would be 😉

    I started Queen of Attolia last night and find it to be infinitely interesting!
    Big <3’s!


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