I beat Kelly at chess! 17 December 2008, “Sounis.”

The last time I won was in August. So, 4 or 5 games from now and I might win another one. 😉

Things to do

You’d think I would feel a sense of relief after turning in my 5,000-word essay this morning. I’m done, right? No, I’m not. There’s no rest for me this Christmas; I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to relax when I know I’ve got the following:

  • 2,500-word annotated bibliography, due 9 Jan;
  • 3,000-word essay or transcription exercise, due 9 Jan;
  • Latin translations (two hymns);
  • Old English translation (60 lines);
  • Read Buke of the Ordre of Knychthede, and probably begin reading for Special Topic;
  • PhD applications due 1 Jan and 15 Jan, depending on the program.

My parents are coming from 22-31 December, and Laura’s coming 8-18 January, and it’s a good thing for me that the Spring semester doesn’t actually start until 9 February.

Yes, I am quite a bit annoyed that my vacation will be anything but.