Weather Report

Winter on the edge of the North Sea has taught me to expect anything when it comes to the weather. Or, as my friend Jesse said:

Oh well, it’s always difficult to predict the weather in this town, but I have looked into it a bit, and from the best sources I could gather it looks like the weather will be as follows: sun, rain, sun, snow, plague of frogs, raining sun, sunning rain, drought, alternating 1st and 3rd horsemen of the apocalypse for about 45 minutes, and then the weather might get strange and a little unpredictable.

But most likely it’ll be raining when I walk over to the Sharpes’ later this evening for the Christmas party. (I’m not letting the current clear skies fool me. It was a ceiling of clouds just a couple hours ago.)

Edit: So, it wasn’t raining, because I brought my umbrella. Which means it will be tomorrow because I left the foresaid umbrella in Felicity’s purse. It wasn’t even that cold (er, it’s sad when freezing is no longer considered ‘that cold’). Christmas Desserts was fun; good food, great company. I will ever be amused by a Canadian opera singer singing a Russian aria in a Scottlish living room. I really do hope I get to stay here for my PhD.

3 thoughts on “Weather Report

  1. Sarah says:

    Yikes! horseman of the apocalypse?! 🙂 It was warm and sunny here yesterday and this morning it was snowing a wet and sticky snow…crazyness!

    Have fun at the party. I hope your paper is writing itself now 😉


  2. Joel says:

    hahahah! sounds like fun! that’s kind of like the seasons here. you never know if you’re in winter or summer. one day it’s really cold and the next day is really hot and then it’s raining and then not…i can’t figure it out, i’ve given up.


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