Weather Report

Winter on the edge of the North Sea has taught me to expect anything when it comes to the weather. Or, as my friend Jesse said:

Oh well, it’s always difficult to predict the weather in this town, but I have looked into it a bit, and from the best sources I could gather it looks like the weather will be as follows: sun, rain, sun, snow, plague of frogs, raining sun, sunning rain, drought, alternating 1st and 3rd horsemen of the apocalypse for about 45 minutes, and then the weather might get strange and a little unpredictable.

But most likely it’ll be raining when I walk over to the Sharpes’ later this evening for the Christmas party. (I’m not letting the current clear skies fool me. It was a ceiling of clouds just a couple hours ago.)

Edit: So, it wasn’t raining, because I brought my umbrella. Which means it will be tomorrow because I left the foresaid umbrella in Felicity’s purse. It wasn’t even that cold (er, it’s sad when freezing is no longer considered ‘that cold’). Christmas Desserts was fun; good food, great company. I will ever be amused by a Canadian opera singer singing a Russian aria in a Scottlish living room. I really do hope I get to stay here for my PhD.