St Andrews Day

Happy St Andrews Day, everyone!

Sharpe familyOf course the town was going to celebrate Scotland’s patron saint! The Royal Golf Club was open to the public today, but I didn’t go, not being an avid golfer myself. The castle was open for free, but I got there just as it closed (the website lied!).  However, Felicity & I got there just as Jesse, Casey, and the boys did, so we waited for Katharine to come out of the castle and made our way to Market Street for the festival. There were spinning teacups (no geese, alas) and jugglers and people handing out flags. The Christmas lights the town has been putting teacupsup the last two weeks were switched on at 5:00 PM. Then we all went over to Church Square on South Street, passing Jim and Jonah on our way, joined up with Louis, and watched the piping band march back and forth. The crowd was very well behaved and didn’t crowd the band. Across the way we saw Biggles and some other people we knew. Ah, living in a small town!

We then followed the pipers to Madras College, where they lit the torches, and from there we all marched to the castle. I kept hoping somewhere along the way someone would read aloud the Life of St Andrew, but no one did. The hagiographer in me was disappointed. You will just have to read it here.

I got some video, here tis:

The piping band marching back and forth… Across the street is the Town Hall, which you can tell because there’s a spotlight shining on St Andrew. Our friend Stuart was one of the pipers.

And storming marching to the castle. Bagpipes + fire = Much fun, despite it being below freezing and I couldn’t feel my toes. Now, back to work!

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