Library Books

When I get a little money, I buy books. And if there’s any left over, I buy food.

–Desiderius Erasmus

That’s the quote on my tote bag I use for class. I never thought I’d actually have to face that decision, but today proved me wrong. There’s a book that I really need for my essay due the 12th, and apparently a few other people need it too because it’s been recalled twice. I’ve been trying to go through it as quickly as I can and have accidentally kept it a day over the due date. But as I’m reading it, and because I won’t get it back before the 12th, I figure I might as well just buy it. Besides, there’s a whole section on Corpus Christi plays, and I’m thinking about writing either my thesis or dissertation on medieval drama and it’s relationship to the Church. I found it on Google Books, but the pages I need are, of course, the ones not available for preview. Anyways, on, it costs £23. “That’s a couple weeks’ worth of groceries,” I found myself thinking. Am I going to buy it? Most likely. Medieval studies is my career. If I need it, and will use it, I should go ahead and buy eggs instead of meat for a while.

Montuesday was intense as I expected: Latin & Old English on Monday morning, followed by a double dose of Research Skills practical and theory that afternoon; Tuesday, Latin, researching, then Textual Transmission workshop followed by two hours of Medieval Literary Theory, immediately followed by an equally long Renaissance Group rehearsal. During my Medieval Lit Theory session, Ian asked about my essay and I confessed to having trouble finding much on Nicholas Love. “Oh, hardly anyone has written about him,” Ian said. “Well, if I do a close reading of the text then I may not have a lot of secondary support…” I pointed out. He feigned shock and nearly fell out of his chair. “What!! You mean you might think for yourself? Yes, you can be an auctor in your own right, if you want to.” Considering I have only the primary text for my section on Nicholas Love… I will be flexing my academic muscles and do something new.

4 thoughts on “Library Books

  1. Chera says:

    I know! According to the International Medieval Bibliography Online, only 26 articles have been written about Nicholas Love ever, and most of them are editorial/paleographical, so a literary analysis really is going to be new! Eek!

    Good, because I missed you last night. But, I got a lot of OE translated so I suppose it worked out alright in the end. *love*


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