A Saturday

Typically Saturdays would be my day off. Not this week. I did sleep in this morning (“9” is considered sleeping in), but then I finished my first draft of my transcription, and started Old English but looking up every word got old pretty fast so moved on to Medieval Literary Thought. This was very interesting, until the landscapers moved into the courtyard beneath my window and someone down the hall decided to whistle without carrying a tune. For the present, I’m eating an omelet, when what I really wanted was a big bowl of Lucky Charms. I should check the import store later this week; I haven’t been in there yet.

I listen to music while I work—excepting when I read—but that can distract me in unexpected ways. Wishing not to grow sick of my favorite film scores (Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven), I switched to Chopin today. …And immediately began to think of Laura, Timothy, and Benjamin in “Masterpiece.” After Chopin finished, I went to Cellofourte (a cello quartet that adapts rock songs) and thought about Jenai and Cords of Orion. Now Jars of Clay’s Redemption Songs and all I can think about is Children of Abraham and “Whiter than Snow: The Life of St. Anne the Martyr.” Apparently my literary creativity is fueled by music. Is it bad that I want to do my thesis on hagiography and the medieval church so that I can develop a church 300 years in the future for my stories?

I think I’ll go back to Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven to work on Latin, and subsequently think about Sofia and the barons in Bede.

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