Of fudge doughnuts

You have not had a doughnut until you have had one from Fischer & Donaldson’s. Not your standard “yankee” doughnut, this heavenly pastry is rectangular in shape, filled with custard, and topped with a thick glaze of sugary goodness. For only 98p, this is a temptation that should be duly avoided. All things in moderation.

Two things warranted the purchase of a fudge doughnut today. First, I turned in my first graduate essay today, and while I am quite confident about it, I am not going to be too cocky about it–I still have a long list of things to do before I breathe on Tuesday! Second, it is Felicity’s birthday, and for lack of fun-fetti cakes, I opted to buy her a very yummy pastry. Returning from the library, I stopped by F&D’s, purchased my two (2) fudge doughnuts for less than £2. I, as the birthday fairy, snuck into Felicity’s room unawares and left the doughnut anonymously on her desk. Not to be outwitted, my phone began ringing the moment I stepped into my room. 🙂

Now I am eating my own fudge doughnut and will effectively be on a sugar high when I begin my Latin homework. Then I will read a book for Medieval Literary Thought, transcribe 60 lines of a poem from Digby’s manuscript, and begin translating the Fall of Man section from Genesis 3 from Old English. I will pause for birthday celebrations with Felicity, and repeat that list tomorrow. Bird by bird.