Faith & Politics

Firstly: Read this post on Kali’s blog. She wrote a very eloquent, educated Christian response to a letter sent to her by another Christian who was dragging religion into politics.

Today I had coffee with a former Pentecostal, a Calvinist, and a nondenominational Baptist—sounds like Hard Soap again, except I represent Laura’s spot by being the liturgical one—and the subject turned briefly to American politics. Yesterday I read the ridiculous, ignorant, absurd Focus on the Family’s “Letter from 2012.”* This followed by the discussion today, the similar letter Kali received and her cogent response to it, only reinforced to me my rather “unchristian” approach toward government and politics.

The Christians who draft these letters need to remember the Constitution. There is separation of Church and State for a reason. It works both ways people: keep the Church out of the State, and keep the State out of the Church. And nowhere do I believe it is written that Christians should take over the government and impose their teachings on everyone else. Faith is a spiritual matter, not a political one. We, as individuals, should be promoting the Gospel of Christ through our lives, attitudes, actions, and words, trying to be as Christlike as possible. The State isn’t commanded to do that. We are.

* I found this response to Focus on the Family’s letter. I recommend reading it.

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