This evening was just lovely. The past couple days I’ve been feeling just sort of blah and “gray,” but tonight Jane, Emma’s mom, had Felicity, Ginger, and I over for dinner. She picked us up in front of Gannochy and drove us out to her house which is about twenty minutes out. As we drove out I realized that I hadn’t left town since I arrived 4 weeks ago, and it was incredibly refreshing to see the little stone fences and sheep and horses and green. I love the sea, but the sea and the sky are the same shades of blue and gray and so are the buildings… It was wonderful to see living things.

We had a homecooked meal, with carrot and sweet potato soup (yum!), followed by salad and pasta, with a plum and apple crumble for dessert (mmm!!). We stayed until 10 PM just talking! We have plans to have dinner again, and sometime to go to Ikea in Edinburgh, and an open invitation to call Jane whenever we need a “mom” if we get sick. 🙂

When we stepped outside, the sky was so clear and black with pinpoints of light just hovering above arm’s reach. Incredible.

4 thoughts on “Homecooking

  1. Lori says:

    I love reading about your impressions of St. Andrew’s and the surrounding countryside. We didn’t stay long on our visit years ago but it was so beautiful I still remember being at the castle ruins on a rainy day. Maybe someday we will see it again.


  2. Sarah says:

    Oh! I’m so glad that you were able to get ‘out’ of St. A’s, even though it sounds lovely. Sometimes you need a change of scene to refresh the soul. Plus a homecooked meal that you didn’t make is such a nice treat, especially if you’re sharing it with people you enjoy 😀


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