My biggest accomplishment today was reading “Thursday.” And confusing everyone around me as to what day today actually was. (It’s Friday.)

I woke up tired because I slept in, because last night Felic and I went to Kate’s for a Medievalists’ marathon of Black Adder. It was slightly awkward because I didn’t know most of them, but fun. There was wine and cheese and gerbils. I sat next to Dr Woolf, a prof who likes to hang out with students, and drank my Dr Pepper out of a wine glass. “His pot is blacker than his kettle, Black Adder! Black Adder!”

Because I knew my room would distract me, and today must be A Productive Friday, I headed over to 66 North Street. I’m glad I did. Not only did I finish “Wednesday” and “Thursday” (chapters from Mirror by Nicholas Love) but I also got to spend time with some of the English folk. I had been feeling somewhat isolated from the rest of the English department because I only saw other English majors in my Research Skills class, and the class is so large that I usually stick by Ginger or Katherine. But this week our class was split in half because the classroom in the library is only so big, and the group I went with on Wednesday is the same group that are also in my Latin class, who are Renaissance people, and who also use the upstairs reading room in 66. Which, happily, is the same room I prefer. So today I found myself sharing the silence with Rachel, Bronnie, Jesse, and Katherine, punctuated periodically by sharing interesting things, and ’round 4:00 a, “I need a break. Do you need a break?” and we all went to MacGregor’s for coffee. Even though I tend to be a hermit when I study, I’m going to try to go to 66 more often because I am still productive there, and there are people to be with, and nice people too.

CU tonight was “Get Involved Night,” so there were booths set up around the town hall for the different ministries the CU does. I signed up for a discussion group that’s going to read Good News to the Poor by Tim Chester and talked with Ali about Families First, which has a Big Brother/Big Sister type thing. I want to get involved with something in town, but it’s hard to decide because there is literally always something to do. Which is great, but also, bad. (Most) Wednesdays and Saturdays are the only nights I don’t have something to go to. Tuesdays and Thursdays I can literally be doing something from 3 PM until 10 PM without any breaks (I haven’t, because I’ve said no, that’s crazy, but the point is that there are enough things that I can). Meanwhile, I have a massive reading load that I spend all of my free time chipping away at. So I’m torn with this desire to put my roots into the town, to befriend a child or help with the Toastie Bar, but at the same time trying not to overload myself. For many things I will just have to say No. (And now I’m learning why the first two years of uni don’t count for undergrads here.)

By the way, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is awesome. “With my freeze-ray I will -stop- the world…” It’s worth the $6 it costs on iTunes.

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