Literature is my boyfriend

According to one of my Chinese hallmates, I look “more beautiful than ever!” She amended, not that I wasn’t beautiful before, but even more so now. Had I found a boyfriend?

I tilted my head, blinked for about half of five seconds, resisted the inclination to imitate Mal in “Serenity” with an articulate “huh” and answered calmly that I’m dressed up for a reception. Upon further chit-chat, apparently one of her guy-friends had been trying to get my number. I played up the workaholic bit again and she agreed that I was “much too busy for a relationship.” Because, at the present, considering I spend several hours with him every day, Nicholas Love is my boyfriend. He’s a funny guy and a good writer. What else could you want when literature is your boyfriend?

On my day off I went to the book sale at the Union and bought four VSI’s when I shouldn’t have (Ancient Philosophy, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, which I have been coveting for years) and began rereading The Sparrow while sitting in the cemetery with Felicity and startling every other tourist who came around the corner and saw living persons where they were expecting only dead ones. On Sunday I went to church and spent the remaining waking hours on Latin. Fortunately it’s beginning to make sense. My class schedule is switched around this week, so after Latin on Monday I spent the rest of the day reading Nicholas Love: Middle English prose is a heck of a lot easier than I thought it would be. As I mentioned above, I’m quite enjoying it. It’s basically a synthesis of the Gospels and tradition about Holy Family and the apostles, with some introductory theology thrown in. My work at the museum is proving helpful here because a lot of the tradition I’m familiar with, and it’s fun to encounter it in narrative style.

Monday evening I also got a special treat: Hanna Howard and her brother came to visit during their whirlwind tour. I dragged Felicity along as we Oklahomans took over a table in a pub and enjoyed the evening. It was great to see a familiar face, to talk about books and writing and things back “home.” I’m glad we were able to meet up.

All day Tuesday I kept thinking it was Wednesday, and thus got a head start on reading Saussure for Research Skills. Hooray for Norton Anthologies… I think Saussure might be making some sense. And it shows that I can’t escape modern literary theory by being a medievalist after all, because my Arthurian Romance book today began talking about Arthur as a floating signifier for a hero. Pearsall is affirming some of the guesswork I’ve done about early Arthur and is giving me direction as to where to go next in my research. Hopefully tonight after the reception I can familiarise myself with Geoffrey of Monmouth, in addition to reading “Wednesday” from Nicholas Love.

Today I saw an original edition of St Augustine of Hippo’s sermons, a facsimile of the Ellesmere Manuscript and the Loutrell Psalter, and first editions of the King James Bible, Charles I’s Eikon Basilike (I was positively squeeing over this one–I’m sure I’m the only person at OBU who actually read this book in its entirety), and Emma (in three volumes). I would love to study the marginalia in medieval manuscripts and how they interact with the text. Seriously? Combination of my interests: literature, history, art history, museum studies/archives. Maybe I can, we shall see. For now, I must find Lower College Hall for the scholarship reception. I hope they feed me. I’m having to miss a perfectly interesting lecture on Medieval Scots Poetry because of them.

4 thoughts on “Literature is my boyfriend

  1. Sarah says:

    sounds like part of you wants to be a *textual scholar* (that comes from my intro class)

    So, I guess once you return the Nicholas Love book to the library you’ll be free to have another boyfriend (be him literary as well) πŸ˜‰


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