Act of living

I was going to say about today that once again I was not as productive as I would have liked, but then I realized how wrong I would be. No, I may not have done all the exercises in Units 1-3 from my Latin book, but I did type up my Latin and Arthurian Legend notes. I began Nicholas Love’s The Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ. I had lunch and dinner with Felicty. We went to Argos, where I bought a ridiculously overpriced printer out of necessity, and hopped into a yarn store just to see. We were the only customers and the woman there was very nice, we got to talking about knitting and crocheting and the wools (yarn) were just gorgeous. She invited us to the knitting club on Thursdays, and we think we’re going to go. I’ve begun to learn how to crochet (easier on the hands). I attempted to read my tea leaves and determined they looked like a whale, or a dancing penguin. We went grocery shopping, walked back in the rain and got drenched, watched some Firefly, and went to the CU. At the CU we met Robert, I recognized Elaine from Ren Group and said hello, officially joined the CU and talked with Esther and Murry about joining the Sallies link group.

Felicity and I laugh at how incredibly different our activities are from those of my hallmates, who wonder why I don’t party and stay out all night. Instead I read all the time, watch sci-fi and go to church and CU, and now to the knitting club. A problem I’ve had with my floor is that every time I go into the kitchen, if other people are in there, I feel like I’m intruding or a curiosity on display. They watch what I eat and how I make it, and make comments occasionally. Last night, when I was making soup, again, I responded to a comment with, “Well, I had three lectures today so I don’t really have time to cook.” “Three lectures!!” “Yes, I’m taking five classes.” “FIVE?!” And they were flabbergasted. “Well, your major is English, so at least it’s in your native language.” “Well, actually it isn’t. All of my reading is in Middle and Old English, which are from the sixth to fifteenth centuries.” “So like Shakespeare?” “Before Shakespeare.” Again, astonishment. “You are superwoman” one of them said. I smiled, took my soup, and left.

Sarah and Kelly are both going to be in Shawnee this weekend and this makes me miss Shawnee terribly. I can see so clearly in my mind’s eye UBC across the street from our house, Braum’s on the other side of Chicago Street Deli. Crossing Kickapoo to get to campus via the path between Wood and Thurmond, the library quad. The absurdly narrow stairs in Owens Hall. Driving down St Gregory’s lane to go to the museum. I see our living room, the dining table, the sunlight streaming in from our wall of windows… This evening when we were making tea in Felicity’s kitchen, I went to get the milk and automatically put milk in both cups, as if I were making a cup for Kelly. I’m glad to have someone with whom I feel so comfortable, but I still miss Kelly, and Kali, terribly, and the Little Red House and the home we created there.

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