When the tide is out at Castle Sands, the long ridges stretching out like fingers into the ocean always evoke the phrase “these are the of the bones of the earth, laid bare by the sea.”

And because yesterday I couldn’t resist:

Today felt like a Saturday because Monday and Tuesday felt like an entire week unto themselves. I was not nearly as productive today as I needed to be, but it will be okay. I just have to finish reading an article for tomorrow. I had wanted to do some hardcore Latinizing today but instead I ended up bringing order to chaos in my room, working out financial aid issues, and spending the afternoon with Felicity and Laura H. I was amused when on my way to the Old Union, Tony the Nigerian stopped me on the pavement with, “Chera! A miracle I see you again!” Then on my way back, I was so distracted by money issues that I almost stepped on Patrick Hamilton—I glanced down just at the right second to do a little hop over his initials in the cobblestones. I was a split second away from disaster! Felic, Laura and I had a picnic at the Cathedral, ran errands, enjoyed ice cream in the lovely garden on Baker Lane, and climbed around on the seaweedy rocks at Castle Sands. I now have my own skillet and a baking pan, so perhaps I will be able to display more cooking prowess in my somewhat inhospitable kitchen. Tomorrow I begin Paleography, bringing my class count on Thursdays to a 3. At least all I have to do for Arthurian Legend is show up and take notes…

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