A picture-happy post, to make up for my lack of photos the past few days.


I took this photo of Younger Hall this morning at around 7:30 AM. The sunrise made me happy. Younger Hall is the music building, and right now I’ve got my window open and I’m listening to a symphonic band rehearse… lovely. (No really, it is.)



For everyone who did not believe me when I said that Dr Pepper was a carbonated fruit drink. (And Coca-Cola is a vegetable flavour drink. I’m serious! Felicity’s Diet Coke said so!)



I went down to Castle Sands again this afternoon to do some reading and the tide was coming in. “My” ledge is the second one from the left, the one with a patch of green on it, but today I sat on the first one to have a quick getaway if the tide came in faster than I expected. I wasn’t too worried though.


The view from said second ledge. Now you see why I don’t get much done down there. Well, I did today, because I turned so I wasn’t directly facing the horizon.

There, pictures done, Happy?

*   *   *

Latin today was once again intense. I have a week to memorize the cases and some vocabulary. Oy. And to finish reading Piers Plowman. I have tomorrow off, so it’ll be a working/errands day, and then class again on Thursday. I went to the first rehearsal today of the Renaissance Group. It’ll be hard work getting back into sight-reading but the music was fun (albeit a challenge) and I signed up to audition formally on Friday. I’m nervous!

5 thoughts on “Assortment

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh! The ocean looks amazing! I would never get any work done with that backdrop 😀 I’m totally jealous! I’d like to live in a non-landlocked state/area sometime!

    I really like your early morning picture. The sunrise is my consolation for having to get up early after not-enough sleep. Also, I’d like to point out that you were talking to me when you took that DP picture!


  2. Sarah says:

    I got a postcard today! It was perfect timing (I had missed two buses and getting home took me an hour). Thanks 😀 I love the illustration and the little poem!


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