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Being in the choir isn’t official yet, but I’m hoping it will be my extracurricular outlet for my sanity this year. I’ll need it: I’m a grad student and I’m taking four courses, auditing a fifth, with a sixth (Old English) starting after Reading Week in November. I’m trying not to freak out about this.

I told myself that I would choose one day of the week to be my sabbath/no-school day. I’m trying to decide whether it should be Friday (the day immediately after a hard week) or Saturday (so I can have a weekend). I’m leaning toward Saturday right now but I may end up letting it be fluid. As long as I get my one day a week. Getting out of town about once a month would be good for my sanity, too.

This afternoon, Ginger, Felicity and I were sitting at Castle Sands and we saw a flock of swans come around the castle, fish for a little while at the pool since the tide was in, and then continue down the coast. It was lovely and none of us had a camera.