The Flying Scotsman ceilidh

Tonight I went to my first Ceilidh, hosted by the Christian Union (CU). Pronounced kay-lee, it’s traditional Scottish dancing and it’s SO MUCH FUN. I danced about half of them, or tried to. It was incredible how many people there were! Everyone was flying about and changing partners and just having a blast. Each dance left you winded and thirsty, and it was so hot. Whether your partner was male or female there was a 50/50 chance of them wearing a skirt (a kilt, I know, but I was still amused!). The fiddler caught my eye during one of the dances I sat out and it happened to be none other than David P. He’s related to some friends at my church in Texas, and spent part of his gap year with them. I didn’t expect to see him here since he graduated a couple years ago. We got to chat a little bit, but then everyone who wasn’t helping clean up was kicked out so Felicity and I had to leave. But maybe some other time, if he comes round again (or I escape to Edinburgh). Needless to say, I will definitely ceilidh again!

Today went from blah to very good, so I’m glad. Felicity (now nicknamed Indy, by our new friend Jim) and I are excited that we’re going to be in the same Latin class. We also are (most likely) going to have another class together, too. Huzzah!

A picture of Market Street, since today was another unusually sunny day: