A busy weekend and I’m not sure where to start. I’m still in a mild sickly fog, so I’ll try to be coherent. We left Edinburgh yesterday morning and caught the train from Waverly Station. We crossed the Firth of Forth on the train, it was cool to have the water beneath us.

After checking in and meeting Megan, the Assistant Warden, by happenstance, I mentioned my refrigerated medication. Apparently people with that need tend to live in flats, but she said she would find out what she could do for me—reassigning or something else. Unable to unpack until I heard back, my mom and I went out to explore the town. I wanted to find the English building. So we took a left at the corner of my building and saw the sea. To the left, across from the castle ruins, is the English building. So unless there’s some shortcut between Gannochy House (Gann-oh-kee), this will be the route I take, hm, every day? 😀

We ate lunch—meal deal from Boots (egg salad sandwich + sweet grapes + juice smoothie)—on a bench overlooking the sea. Feeling overwhelmed and confused and just plain tired, I was glad to just sit. Somewhere, just over the sound of the wind and the grasses and the gulls, were bagpipes, their notes both mournful and majestic, unassuming, as present as the wind or the sea. Yes, this is where I’m supposed to be, where I want to be.

So far my floor is 1/2 Chinese, at least six. I’ve met one other American, Justin, who is also an English PG (postgrad). I saw two other guys in the kitchen when I went in to get tea, but they were all in conversation so I didn’t get to introduce myself. I’ll see them around. I haven’t really used the kitchen yet as I just bought groceries today, and my mom has been here so we’ve been eating out. Tomorrow will initiate my exploration of the kitchen. The common area for our floor—eee! 🙂

(Oh, I ended up getting a mini-fridge for my room. It’s tiny. But it holds my meds and has room for a few other things if I ever need to hole up in my room to work.)

This morning explains the name for this post. I read on the Christian Union website that a group of them were going to meet at the Chaplaincy building and would walk to church together. I, as I have begun a habit of doing, got lost along the way (I was one street over) and decided to go to the Baptist Church instead, since I knew where that was. I went, and saw that for their morning services they met somewhere else… far away. I stood staring at the sign for a while and heard a girl ask, “Excuse me, are you lost?”

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