Drink lots of fluids

Yesterday we were successful and finally made it up to Edinburgh Castle. On our way up to the castle, we stopped at St Giles Church (Presbyterian, of course) where you had to pay £2 to take pictures. So I didn’t. The stained glass work was lovely, though, dating mostly from the 1800s, depicting various parables, the Passion, and the first few chapters of Acts–which I am currently reading, so that was cool. Made realize, again, how I’m glad for a Christian upbringing because I couldn’t imagine how baffling (or boring) visiting famous cathedrals would be (or looking at any major art work from the medieval and Renaissance periods) without having the background to say, “Oh, that one is of the Ten Virgins,” or “That’s Judas buying a field.” A working knowledge of the Gospels and Acts is pretty much essential for studying Art History.

In case you were worried, no, I did not forget Seamus. (For the reasoning behind Seamus the Traveling Duck, watch Amelie.)

On our way down the Royal Mile, we stopped for lunch and the Writer’s Museum. I got to see Sir Waverly Scott’s manuscripts and proofs and sympathized with his editors for he did not cross his t’s, dot his i’s, or close his vowels. I also learned that R. L. Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in less than a week, but that he had also spent “many years” thinking about it.

Alas, as the afternoon was waning, we decided to put off the rest of the Royal Mile for today. We instead went to the Royal Scottish Museum, where I spent an anxious hour looking at the exhibits in distraction as my mom hastened back to retrace our steps to find her purse. Fortunately, a woman who had seen her leave it on a bench took it to the police station where my mom recovered it. We ate dinner at The Elephant House, where J. K. Rowling wrote much of the first Harry Potter. Then we came back to the B&B and discovered that I was indeed getting sick.

So, instead of going into town today to see the rest of the Royal Mile… I slept. With my immune system the way that it is, I can’t afford to get really sick at the start of term, especially when I’m not registered with a GP yet! We think it’s the amount of exhaust I’ve been breathing in and that it has irritated my throat and lungs–I remember the feeling from the last time I came over. Last time I didn’t get sick but I also wasn’t 1) Taking immuno-suppressants, 2) Already recovering from a sinus infection. So I’m resting and drinking copious amounts of water and taking pills every 4-6 hours. I’m disappointed about not seeing Holyrood, but I have the chance to see it again. Resting, however, has been good. My chest is still tight but not as tight, and I’m still coughing but not with the same intensity. I’m going to brew some tea and continue reading Life of Pi.

I can’t believe that I’m going up to University tomorrow. Eep!