Walking in circles

Princes Garden looking toward North Bridge (9/16)

Looking toward Edinburgh Castle (9/17)

Miscommunication has been the keyword for today. Our landlady thought that we had misunderstood the menu when we only ordered eggs and toast for breakfast. I misunderstood the map and turned right instead of left when we got off the bus, and while we saw the castle up on Castle Rock, we definitely did not make it to the Royal Mile. We instead enjoyed the lovely Princes Street Gardens, explored St Cuthbert’s Church cemeteries, and ate lunch at Waverly Bridge. Maybe tomorrow. We misunderstood the map again on our way to dinner; when we found the restaurant my mom had chosen, we discovered she had misunderstood the menu. I took us to a pub we had passed along the way. There the miscommunication continued and my mom ordered ginger ale for me instead of J2O.

The problem with the map is that the streets here change names every couple of blocks, and the map reflects some of these changes but not all of them! And, because it is a hilly, dense city, you have bridges of streets crossing over other streets. Thirdly, related to these bridges, there are other passageways called “such-and-such stairs” or “steps” which are also not included on our otherwise detailed map. At least we found a nearby entrance to Holyrood Park on our misadventure to dinner. Or, to some park of sorts. If I can find it again, I’d like to check it out and maybe even climb up to Arthur’s Seat! In other news, all the bus exhaust is making me develop a cough. Fortunately, the air isn’t as bad as London, where the tissue turns black when you blow your nose (!). I’m hoping the University will be cleaner and quieter.

Edited 18/9:
I forgot to mention another misunderstanding, this time observed. Last night at the pub a family came in, sat down, and then left some time later with annoyed looks on their faces. They hadn’t ordered anything. It was easy to deduce that they weren’t from around here, had expected a server to come take their order, despite that the menu says to order at the bar. For future reference, when at a pub, you almost always place your order at the bar.