Ready or not

All I need to do is put Caspian in my bag and the ice packs in my cooler and I’m ready to go. My room is the cleanest and most organized it has ever been. When I look around I think, “Wow! I’d like it in here!” 😉 Yes Danielle, I’ve taken photographic documentation to prove this.

I am leaving my cell phone, Pippin, behind. Do not attempt to reach me by that number anymore. Instead of my pleasant alto voice you will get Alex’s bored and bemused baritone.

It will seem like an eternity to me, but I will most likely post as soon as tomorrow when we arrive at Glenalmond B&B in Edinburgh. Pray for safe and non-exciting traveling! Thanks! Love and <3s to all.

2 thoughts on “Ready or not

  1. Sarah says:

    I was always find New Beginnings bittersweet. It is a bit sad to leave the life you’ve known (and your very clean room!) but how exciting it is to start a new adventure.

    Love and prayers are with you always!


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