Let’s just be pretty

Today I:

  • Renewed my drivers’ license;
  • Sold DVDs to Half Price;
  • Mailed packages to Kelly and Laura (good-bye yarn!) and Ancilla: The Musical1 to Karen;
  • Argued with Explained to CVS the need for a 90-day supply of my medications, when they had only given me a 30-day;
  • Made a list of places to visit while in Edinburgh, noting hours of operation and cost;
  • Began reducing the chaos;
  • Nearly finished packing. Sort of.

I’m frustrated with myself because I am going to have to use part of my mother’s suitcase after all. I keep running through my head everything that I’ve packed and wondering how it is that it won’t all fit into two suitcases when the last time I went to Europe I was able to. The Minimalist has been arguing with the Rationalist: “Ugh, I have so much stuff!” Last time you were only going to the UK for 3.5 months. “But I also went to Spain!” Your mother came at Easter to take your woolens. You didn’t take any nesty things last time. You sent a suitcase back with your parents in mid-July. You didn’t have to use one of your carry-ons as a cooler.2 You’re moving. The fact that I’ve doubled or tripled the amount that I took last time and still can fit 95% of it into two suitcases is a feat in itself. I can console the Minimalist by that I’m leaving only my kitchen things and books behind—I’ve pretty much given or thrown everything else away. If I find that I have brought too much stuff, I have the opportunity to send things back with my mom, and again at Christmas.

1 The Ancilla, for the uninitiated, is the handbook for OBU’s two-semester-long Western Civilization course. The link is to a playlist.
2 One of my medications requires refrigeration.

3 thoughts on “Let’s just be pretty

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh Chera! You ARE moving! You are living in Scotland, not just studying for a few months. I know it is frustrating to have to use your mom’s suitcase but just think about how little you are actually taking for living abroad for at least three years (maybe). I think it is phenomenal!
    I’m glad you’re taking your favorite mugs. There is nothing like your own mug to make you feel most at home.
    Good job you on being so productive today! I ❤ you and am excited for your Adventure to start!


  2. Chris says:

    I totally agree with Sarah – you’re relocating your life and you can’t expect that to fit perfectly in two 50 pound suitcases! Good luck with the rest of your packing, and be sure to touch base when you get there! 🙂


  3. Chera says:

    One year at a time, Sarah, but yes. ❤

    Oh but Chris, “I’m not packing my life. I’m just packing my clothes,” remember? 😉 No worries, I’ll let you know when I’m there!


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