Let’s just be pretty

Today I:

  • Renewed my drivers’ license;
  • Sold DVDs to Half Price;
  • Mailed packages to Kelly and Laura (good-bye yarn!) and Ancilla: The Musical1 to Karen;
  • Argued with Explained to CVS the need for a 90-day supply of my medications, when they had only given me a 30-day;
  • Made a list of places to visit while in Edinburgh, noting hours of operation and cost;
  • Began reducing the chaos;
  • Nearly finished packing. Sort of.

I’m frustrated with myself because I am going to have to use part of my mother’s suitcase after all. I keep running through my head everything that I’ve packed and wondering how it is that it won’t all fit into two suitcases when the last time I went to Europe I was able to. The Minimalist has been arguing with the Rationalist: “Ugh, I have so much stuff!” Last time you were only going to the UK for 3.5 months. “But I also went to Spain!” Your mother came at Easter to take your woolens. You didn’t take any nesty things last time. You sent a suitcase back with your parents in mid-July. You didn’t have to use one of your carry-ons as a cooler.2 You’re moving. The fact that I’ve doubled or tripled the amount that I took last time and still can fit 95% of it into two suitcases is a feat in itself. I can console the Minimalist by that I’m leaving only my kitchen things and books behind—I’ve pretty much given or thrown everything else away. If I find that I have brought too much stuff, I have the opportunity to send things back with my mom, and again at Christmas.

1 The Ancilla, for the uninitiated, is the handbook for OBU’s two-semester-long Western Civilization course. The link is to a playlist.
2 One of my medications requires refrigeration.