Favorite mugs

All summer my boxes of kitchen things have been left unopened in a corner of the kitchen. There was no need to unpack them because my parents have their own kitchen things. But inside them were my mugs, and I was determined to find my favorite two.

Going through them, I felt like Mary Kate from The Quiet Man. My things! “Oh, my plates! My mugs! My wooden bowls! My teapots!” I had a whole life in kitchenware that has lain dormant the past few months. They are full of memories: so many of them are inherited from Megan, they remind me of life in West U 33 and in the Little Red House. Kelly, Kali: how much of our lives was lived in the kitchen? They’re going to be sealed up again and put in my closet, to be re-opened who-knows-when. While it’s good to know that I won’t be in want of kitchen things when I move back, whenever that is, it’s still a little sad to leave them behind.