We are borg

I startled the nurses at Feddinch Medical Practice by calling them today, all the way from the U.S., because I wanted to make sure my medications would be “relevant” over there. They were kind and efficient, and my long-distance call didn’t last more than five minutes. Luckily my health conditions deal more with maintaining the status quo than actively treating anything. And: no worries, that will be done over there as easily as it is here, and I just need to register with a GP, make an appointment, and then we’ll get it all sorted out.

My lazy day off isn’t going to be so lazy after all. Errands must be run, paperwork must be done, and I must continue sorting through my belongings and throwing out/giving away/otherwise getting rid of things that aren’t necessary, or no longer relevant. Fortunately, I don’t have that much stuff, and I know I can live out of two suitcases, because I’ve done it before. You really don’t need much to survive. Material things are nice sometimes, but definitely not necessary to life. The bulk of my belongings is my books, and my parents are okay with housing my library until we know I’m going to stay in one place long enough to justify moving twenty boxes of books and their relative bookcases. I still might get to lounge in my PJs and knit and watch Braveheart today, so… 🙂
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