Is is Nov 21 yet?

<insert fangirl> OMG Harry Potter! My excitement is renewed. Sooo excited. Surely I’ll find someone in Scotland to go see it with me.

Happy birthday Harry! 🙂 And as Amber pointed out, it would be his 28th birthday, so the (unnecessary, fan-ficcy) epilogue hasn’t happened yet. Hmm…

3 thoughts on “Is is Nov 21 yet?

  1. Amber says:

    It’s actually his 28th, I think? I couldn’t do very basic math last night, it appears. (2008-1980=28.) I think I thought that it was still 2007.


  2. Danielle says:

    Thanks for putting the trailer up here. It made me excited at work today. Now I want to re-read the books (I’ll put them on a list to read when I get free time ….haha). Just think you’ll get to see HP in Europe, how cool is that!


  3. Chera says:

    Thanks Amber. As you still pointed it out, I only have to change the number 😉

    Danielle: Me too! Except I have so many other books to read, too. Maybe I’ll just reread Books 6 and 7… Which I’ll have to do pre-Scotland, since as much I love Harry Potter, those tomes are not taking up precious packing space!


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